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Why chosing RasP.is?

  • Shorten your URLs! RasP.is the next revolutionary URL shortener that allows you to shorten your URLs with custom shortener code or by using a dummy short code that will be generated for your long URL. Shorter thus easier to remember and to distribute.
  • You don't need to be registered on the site to use our services. You can shorten your URLs without even registering yourself. Though a registered user can do much more than just shortening URLs.
  • Register through your Social Networking Accounts! Just use your accounts on popular social networking sites to get the most out of RasP.is and let us do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Track the popularity of your URLs! Yes you heard it right. We show you different kind of stats to allow you to track the popularity of your shortened URLs.
  • Wait! We are not just limited to that... Believe in us, we are evolving and we would keep the new features coming.
  • We are and we'll always be free ...even if they find a person in this world who can jump from one planet to another in a matter of seconds.